Overhead Band
Overhead Band

Overhead Band

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Compatible with RealWear Navigator® 500 Series and HMT-1® devices

The Overhead Band offers the user a secure, lightweight head-mounting solution in a familiar form-factor. We designed this in response to requests for a mount that is lightweight, cool, and secure.

The Overhead Band resembles the headband on premium headphones. Users quickly understand how to wear and position the RealWear Navigator® 500. The optional occipital band further secures the device to the head which is important when leaning forward.


  • Designed for the RealWear Navigator® 500 (sold separately)
  • Compatible with the HMT-1
  • Memory foam comfort pads on top of head and both sides
  • Adjustable for most head sizes
  • Overhead band sliders
  • Optional Occipital band for added stability (“trucker cap” adjustments)
  • Device may be mounted for left or right eye dominance
  • Lightweight: 49g