Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Full KIT INCLUDING CAMERA

Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Full KIT INCLUDING CAMERA

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Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Kit - Option A

Full EBT Kit

Note: from order received to ship out is up to 21 days with an average turnaround of 10 days)

HMT-1 Silver
Nanuk 910 Waterproof Hard Case
Body Heat for HMT-1 application
RealWear Tri-Band Strap
FLIR ONE Pro (Micro-USB)
FLIR ONE Pro holder & cable retainers
HMT Power Adapter USB Type-C Charging Cable Micro USB cable



  • Hard Case 
    Waterproof (IP67 rated), dustproof and shockproof (NK-7 resin in impact resistant). Closes with two triple action nylon latches and has a custom foam insert to securely hold the HMT kit in place.
  • HMT-1 Silver
    Due to certification restrictions, 1x HMT-1 will be provided separately and not placed inside the hard case by the RealWear team.
  • Body Heat for HMT-1 application
    software created and provided by for use with the FLIR ONE Pro camera.
  • RealWear Tri-Band Strap
    Ensures superior fit and positioning of the HMT over a wider range of head sizes and shapes. This strap is needed to mount the HMT to a bump cap or baseball cap (not included).
  • FLIR ONE Pro (Micro-USB) 
    Powerful infrared camera mobile accessory with adjustable one fit connector

Temperature range: 4 to 752 Degree Fahrenheit (20 to 400 Degree Celsius). measure temperature accurately and from a safe distance

  • RealWear FLIR ONE Pro holder and cable retainers
    Features a tilting mechanism and a snug fit for secure mounting. Includes 4 cable retainers clip on for cable management.
  • HMT Power Adapter
  • Cables 

 RealWear HMT-1 attached to Flir for Elevated Body Temp for Potential Pre-Screening of Covid-1
Watch Video: https://youtu.be/FkvAx1ZQeuQ

What is the EBT Kit for HMT-1?

  • The EBT (Elevated Body Temperature) kit is designed to allow use of the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Camera mounted on the HMT-1 tri-band in conjunction with the Body Heat application to view relative temperature in real-time, within the range commonly seen in human skin temperatures.
  • The FLIR camera produces an image with color indexed heat signatures - colors range from gray to red to yellow (common thermography color scale.) Average human temperatures appear in the dark red range, while above average temperatures appear more orange or yellow.
  • Temperatures outside of the human temperature range are shown in grayscale so that general shapes and forms can be seen in relationship to color mapped portions of the image.
  • When “RUN SCAN” command is used the application will highlight the object with the highest relative temperature compared with other objects in the field of view.

How to get best results:

  • Maintain a distance of 4 – 6 ft between the HMT-1 & FLIR camera and the subject(s) to evaluate.
  • Use a thermally consistent background behind the subjects being evaluated for more accurate scans; a wall with no windows is considered thermally consistent.
  • We recommend a ‘roving’ use of the camera. This means that the user wearing the HMT-1 walks along a line of stationary people in front of a wall or static background. We've found this method to be better than people moving in front of a stationary HMT-1 user but both methods will work.


  • The display shows relative temperature: hotter is yellow, mid-range is red, cooler is gray.
  • This solution does not measure and report absolute temperature like 96.5 degrees.
  • Not intended to diagnose a fever a separate medical diagnosis is required.
  • Within a large group, the display shows limited temperature differences across a scene of people, so reducing the distance and getting closer (4 – 6 ft) will have better results.
  • The camera has an onboard battery, but we suggest that you purchase an external battery pack to charge the camera while in use. The camera supports the ability to use it while its charging.


  • Connect the USB cables completely. See FLIR documentation for USB connection details. Be sure to extend the connector from the FLIR camera enough to make solid connection with all cables. If the camera is not detected by the software, disconnect and reconnect the cable.
  • Battery life is expected to be < 1 hour with FLIR camera running 100%.
    • You may use an external battery brick with a USB-C cable connected to the FLIR camera to provide power to it while in use.
  • If you are using the RealWear Workband with this kit, the Workband can be disconnected and reattached to the HMT-1 for left or right eye orientation configurations.
  • The FLIR camera warm-up time is roughly 60 seconds once powered on. No image will appear in the HMT-1 display while this happens. If the screen remains black after a few minutes check the FLIR power level and/or reconnect the cables.
  • The FLIR camera frame rate is expected to be low and has a delay.

NOTE: For updating the time, date, and/or WIFI settings, use the HMT-1 to scan a QR code with the Configuration application or adjust it manually in “MY PROGRAMS” > “SETTINGS”. See the QR Code Configuration page on the RealWear website for more information.