HMT-1 Crew Pack Includes a Free HMT-1
Picture of HMT-1
RealWear branded MSA front brim hard hat
HMT-1 Crew Pack
64GB MircoSD Card (SanDisk Extreme®)
Ear Bud Hearing Protection Headphones
Ear Bud Foam Tips Sample Pack (Small, Medium, Large)
Semi Rigid Carrying Case
RealWear Spare Battery (3250 mAh Li-Ion)
HMT-1 mounted on Bump cap with tri-band strap
6 Battery Multi Unit Charger
HMT-1 Crew Pack

HMT-1 Crew Pack

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$ 11,885.00 USD
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$ 9,885.00 USD
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Please select your preferred safety helmet option as well as the correct charger region to ensure you can power your HMT-1 systems properly.

FREE HMT-1 Value!  You save $2000 (17% savings)

Whether you’re a business operator or product evaluator, the Crew Pack gives you everything you need to get a crew of five people up and running.

The right bundle to deliver immediate value through collaboration and recommended for:

  • Proof of Concepts (POCs)
  • Small crews or companies
  • For a crew of five

Pack Contains:

  • (4) HMT-1 with Wall Charger
  • (1) HMT-1 with Wall Charger (FREE)
  • (1) Spare Battery 6 Pack (3250 mAh Li-Ion)
  • (1) Battery Multi-Charger
  • (5) MSA Front Brim Hard Hat w/ Clips  OR
    • (5) Bump Caps with Tri-Band Strap
  • (5) Ear Bud Hearing Protection Headphones
  • (5) Ear Bud Foam Tips Sample Pack (Small, Medium, Large)
  • (5) Semi-Rigid Carrying Case
  • (5) 64GB MicroSD Card (SanDisk Extreme®)